28 Mar, 2019

2019 Summer Placement Datapath Engineer

  • Imagination Technologies
  • Kings Langley, UK
Internship Software Engineering Information Technology Technology Data Analytics

Job Description

PowerVR is the world leader in Mobile Graphics. This is a chance to work on the next generation of advanced graphics cores for applications such as Mobile Phones, In Car Entertainment, Virtual Reality and Machine Learning. Imagination needs to build cores that handle billions of computations a second, hundreds of algorithms, dozens of number formats.

Bridging the gap between research and application

The datapath team builds, researches and verifies the most mathematically intensive of Imagination’s hardware. We invent new ways of adding, multiplying and dividing numbers (join us to find out what that means!), and much more. You will join a small dynamic and motivated design team that values creativity, invention and the ability to explain complex ideas completely and concisely. We are looking for an Engineer, Computer Scientist or Mathematician with an interest in generating innovative implementations of mathematical functions that achieve the ultimate in silicon area, power and performance. Successful interns achieve infamy by creating components, tools or co-authoring patents that live on long after the internship finishes.

Projects will come from the following areas and will be up to the expertise and interest of the applicant:

  1. Optimize Datapath code – Imagination Technologies is constantly reviewing its code to guarantee it remains as competitive as possible. Develop novel approaches to mathematical calculation and push the limit of performance.
  2. Supporting new number formats – modern graphics chips contain a large range of different number formats, components and tools need to be developed to handle these representations natively.
  3. Formal Verification – the task of proving mathematically that a specification is correctly implemented by a collection of logic gates is mission critical, however some verification tasks are just too hard. Recent research within the team has found ways of overcoming these difficulties – be one of the first to create ground breaking verification technology.
  4. Design Automation – take today’s innovative ideas and test their limits. By automating our best work, we can leverage its power quickly and accurately in tomorrow’s designs.

Abilities make possibilities 
Committed to making your customers, stakeholders and colleagues successful, you’re an excellent communicator, listener and collaborator who builds trusted partnerships by delivering what you say, when you say. You’re curious, solutions orientated and a world class problem solver who constantly seeks opportunities to innovate and achieve the best possible outcome to the highest imaginable standard.

You have

  • A solid mathematical background
  • Excellent problem solving skills
  • Tenacity with an attention to detail
  • The ability to convey complex ideas completely and concisely

You might also have

  • An interest in Computer Arithmetic
  • Experience devising your own mathematical proofs
  • Worked on open-ended research assignments

Until good is better, and better is best
Dare to dream big? We’ll encourage you to pursue your dream. We listen, we’re open and we’re honest. Whatever it is you need you’ll be respected and helped along your way.

Invent the future 
The people at Imagination enable the tech that’s shaping our world, from virtual reality to smart phones, autonomous cars to space probes. It’s their creativity that has enabled Imagination to power world-changing electronic products.