Amigo Loans

Amigo is the UK's first guarantor loans company, lending to consumers that have been left behind by the banks and their computerised credit scoring. Working at Amigo is not just a job, it’s a cause. We believe that good people should be able to borrow fairly, flexibly and affordably, no matter what a computer credit score says about them. By keeping things simple, we make life easier. We focus on what’s important and nothing else, we solve real world problems, we treat our customers, and each other, as we want to be treated. We’ve won awards for our products and for being a great employer.

Our offices are as ground breaking as our products. We have a hairdresser, a masseuse, yoga, live music and the best coffee shop in town. We work in small autonomous teams. We recognise achievements over qualifications. We value ideas and opinions on their merit, not the status of the person who holds them.