TPP is a cutting-edge software company based in Leeds. We’re revolutionising healthcare across the world with our integrated Electronic Health Records, patient facing services and research solutions. We’re doing some amazing things here at TPP, and we have some life-saving, global projects coming up. That’s why we’re looking for super intelligent, geeky graduates to join a number of our teams.

We don’t require any previous experience and we offer incredible starting salaries of £45,000.

TPP Leeds, UK
TPP is seeking to recruit graduates and experienced professionals for our Technical Operations team. This diverse role will encompass the following responsibilities: Database & Server Administration Cyber Security Analysis Technical Research & Development Infrastructure Engineering Performance and Capacity Management Whether you are developing your current skills set, or have come straight out of university, you will be trained on the job in all these areas, starting salary is based on experience. As with all our roles at TPP, you will receive outstanding annual pay reviews. We are looking for people with an inquisitive mind and keen eye for investigating and solving problems. Your key role will be to support and maintain our advanced IT infrastructure that uses innovative technologies to support our global healthcare products. You will also have the opportunity to research, design and implement exciting new projects around the world.
11 Mar, 2019